ACCURATE ENGINEERING specializes in providing Engineering Services to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS. As an affiliate member of the ASLA, conferences are attended regularly. By listening to the needs of the Landscape Architect, services are provided that are in tune with your appreciation for architecture and art. Accurate Engineering is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society; the society that establishes the design lighting standards of illumination. My firm is knowledgeable in all aspects of architectural outdoor lighting and roadway lighting. We are familiar with “dark sky “requirements and trespass lighting issues. These factors are important when dealing with local municipalities. We are capable of designing all incoming electrical power distribution, voice/data wiring and other associated disciplines for a complete engineering package. Accurate Engineering provides Engineering services throughout New Jersey , New York City and Lower New York State .

We specialize in Landscape Lighting Designs. We are well versed with streetscape, park, roadway and sidewalk lighting. Our relationship with the ASLA and IESNA, as well as attendance of various seminars keeps us well abreast of the current lighting standards and design techniques. Calculations are done using point by point computer generated lighting applications. Of course, lighting is much more than just a foot-candle level. Glare, light pollution, energy efficiency, lamp life and lamp color are all part of a properly Engineered system. Recent projects include the lighting of the Osborne Gardens in the
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and streetscape lighting design for City of New Rochelle .

We are fully capable of designing most electrical services. These services include designing everything from the incoming services to the final receptacles in the building. We are experienced in designing
main distribution centers, electrical rooms, motor control centers and local distribution systems. Our design capabilities include voltages from 120/208 volt up to 13 KV. All designs are compliant with all local codes and the National Electric Code

Our lighting expertise includes interior and office lighting. We started doing lighting designs in 1983.
Our 20 years of experience has taught us well. Calculations are done using the zonal cavity method and when needed, point by point computer generated lighting designs are used.

Accurate Engineering is competent at designing both telephone and data wiring. Our design experience includes designs for Main Distribution Frames (MDF), Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF) and Telephone/Data Rooms. We design all systems from the incoming service to the wall jack. This would include telephone wiring, fiber optic wiring, Category 5/6 wiring, hubs, light interface units and patch panels.